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Success at the 2020 Independent English Wine Awards!

We're delighted to announce that our newly-released NV Bacchus Fume has received a Gold Medal at the 2020 Independent English Wine Awards!

This is the second Bacchus Fume ever created at New Hall, and both wines have been awarded a Gold Medal. Our Fume is part of our 'Golden Label' range; a handful of Limited Edition wines created to celebrate our 50th anniversary. The labels depict iconic wildlife that we see on a daily basis in and around the vineyard. A hare was chosen to represent the Bacchus Fume; a fitting choice since hares are seen frequently around our Bacchus vines on Brook Field.

So what can you expect from our Fume? The IEWA wine judges said the following:

Everything there that you’d want from a bacchus. But most of all - BALANCE. Beautiful.

Bright and lemony. Super vibrant. Sherbet, subtlety. Elegant. Sugar really well balanced. Lovely. Really expressive, yet classic.

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