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Pinot Pioneer

2023 marks the 50th anniversary that Pinot noir vines were established on our Estate; a significant milestone in the UK wine industry and one we're hugely proud of.

In 1973, Piers Greenwood (leading New Hall’s second generation of the business) undertook an apprenticeship with the prestigious Famille Hugel in Alsace. After his family established the vineyard in 1969, this allowed him to gain experience in cool climate winemaking. With the help of the Hugels family, Piers spent time researching suitable varietals at the acclaimed Geisenheim Grape Breeding Institute. It was here that Piers recognised the potential of Pinot Noir in England. A variety of French clones were then selected with New Hall’s microclimate in mind, and after grafting onto a suitable rootstock, arrived in the UK and planted in Front Meadow.

Front Meadow's heritage Pinot noir

Old vines have been given a great deal of recognition internationally over recent years - there are many movements championing the merits that these vines offer, both in terms of wine quality and heritage preservation. The vines' deep and established root system enable the plant to explore more of the soil, providing resilience and consistency from season to season. With decades in the soil, old vines adapt to the environment, and often can become more disease resistant.

Pinot noir is highly revered by winemakers - our heritage Pinot tend to have more complexity and concentration of flavour than its younger peers. Once handpicked, the Pinot will either be whole bunch pressed, crushed or cold soaked depending on the desired wine style. For our Traditional Method sparkling wines, press fractions will be separated according to volume, ripeness and colour. For still wines, gentle maceration with skins will be required.

Why not try our Pinot noir wines?

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