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Our long-awaited 2020 Signature has now been released!

Our 2020 Signature has now been released! If you love soft aromatic wines such as an Alsatian Pinot Gris or dry Gewurtraminer, then you'll love this. Our winemakers will only produce a Signature wine in the very best vintages if the fruit is within perfect parameters.

Signature is a blend of four aromatic grape varietals including Schonburger, Ortega, Seigerebbe and Pinot gris, all of which are produced from some of the oldest vines in the UK with a combined age of 130 years!

The 2020 vintage was a textbook growing season;. All of these varietals, aside from the Pinot gris, are early ripening meaning we could pick them in late summer/early autumn whilst the weather was warm and dry. In fact, the Ortega was picked at the end of August in the sunshine!

How does it taste?

A dry wine with soft, low acidity, with a fresh, vibrant nose of rose water, jasmine and citrus fruit. On the palate, soft, juicy stone fruit, ripe pear and lychee flavours prevail, with a slight spice on the finish.

What food should I pair it with?

As with many aromatic wines, Signature would be stunning paired with a Thai Green Curry or Morrocan tagine. Due to its abilities to compliment a range of dishes so well, Signature is one of our bestselling wines in restaurants.

Try a bottle today via our online shop, or visit our Vineyard Shop for a sample.

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