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New Vintage Q&A Series

To introduce New Hall Wine Estate vintage 2021, and the wonderful people behind the wines, we’ve asked members of the team to say hello, choose one of the new wines, and tell us why.

Next up…

1. Name:

Sim Talbot

2. Job title:

Warehouse Manager

3. What you actually do:

I'd tell you but it's classified under the Official Secrets Act.

4. Be honest, do you talk to the vines or yeasts?

Does swearing at the labelling machine count?

5. Favourite spot on the NH estate:

Between the black barn and hay barn, looking up towards the church at the top of the hill.

6. Which of the new 2021 releases have you chosen:

Barons Lane Red 2021

7. Nice choice. What made you choose that one:

Erm, I like red wine.

8. What food would you pair with it?

Ribeye steak rubbed with salt and cracked pepper topped with a poached egg. Honey caramelised onions, baby new potatoes tossed in garlic mayonnaise and curly kale.

9. What music would you pair with it?

The theme from Jurassic Park composed by John Williams. An unmistakable classic that everyone immediately recognises and enjoys.

10. Your favourite local place to have a glass of NH, but NOT on site?

On my boat in Studlandbay

Fancy a bottle of Barons Lane Red ?

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