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New Vintage Q&A Series

To introduce New Hall Wine Estate vintage 2021, and the wonderful people behind the wines, we’ve asked members of the team to say hello, choose one of the new wines, and tell us why.

Next up…

1. Name:

Rachel Appleton

2. Job title:

Winery Production Manager

3. What you actually do:

I’m a winemaker and spend my days in the winery helping to create all our lovely wines with Head Winemaker Steve. I’m responsible for the production side of the winemaking in the winery - from the grapes’ arrival through the winery doors, until the wine goes into bottle.

4. Be honest, do you talk to the vines or yeasts?

One of my favourite jobs is getting the yeast ready to go into the juice - making sure they grow in the right way… and that involves speaking to them. Also I have vines at home and chat to those all the time. Andy (Vineyard Manager) tells me it’s obligatory.

5. Favourite spot on the NH estate:

Church Hill, looking down across the estate; great views, and surrounded by our youngest vines.

6. Which of the new 2021 releases have you chosen:

Pinot Precoce 2021

7. Nice choice. What made you choose that one:

This wine reminds me of why I changed career and entered the wine industry. My Dad was a big fan of light, delicate red wines and I think he would have absolutely loved the Precoce.

8. What food would you pair with it?

I have to say a cheese board - a mixture of milder English and French cheeses would be perfect!

9. What music would you pair with it?

Any classic soul track as this is my favourite music style.

10. Your favourite local place to have a glass of NH, but NOT on site?

I would say in my garden at home here in Essex, when its sunny!

Fancy a bottle of Pinot Precoce?

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