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Let the growing season commence!

February marked the completion of pruning the Estate vines – for two months the sound of secateurs snipping have been heard from both across our Estate and other Crouch Valley vineyards.

Pruning decisions are made using a matrix of considerations, including vine vigour, age, variety, training system, density, sustainability and wine style. The aim is to remove last season’s lignified canes but retain the most fruitful and viable canes for the growing season ahead – it’s essential that the selected canes and spurs stay in line with the trellis for future canopy management too.

Our mighty Marechal Joffre vine pruned and primed for the season ahead

Our brilliant vineyard team are adept at ‘reading’ each vine. Whilst fruitfulness is a key consideration when pruning, maintaining longevity of the vine for future crops is hugely significant. The continued fruitfulness of our heritage vines are testament to the baton handed over from each vineyard manager to the next over the past five decades at New Hall.

With the electric secateurs safely packed away for another year, the Vineyard team now focus on vineyard maintenance, mulching the prunings back into soil, and tying the remaining canes securely onto the trellis system to support the forthcoming fruit and foliage. We also have some new tools in our arsenal, including a disc cultivator which provides a sustainable method of weed control.

A view from Church Hill Vineyard

Our self-guided Vineyard Trail is open seasonally

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