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Let the flowering commence...

Anthesis, or flowering, has commenced here at New Hall amongst many varietals. This is generally a week earlier than 2019, meaning we should be seeing harvest begin in early September. Early-ripening varietals such as Fruhburgunder (early Pinot noir), Siegerrebe and Rondo are in the lead, while Classic Pinot, Chardonnay and Pinot gris tend to flower a few weeks later.

Flower clusters (inflorescence) appear on the previous year's buds, the number of which was determined last Spring. Cells within the bud have the ability to form leaves, tendrils or inflorescences depending on the growing conditions. The unusually warm Spring in 2019 has been evident in the large number of clusters per shoot. The next milestone here in the vineyard is successful berry set. Successful berry set (the pollination of flowers) will rely on favourable weather conditions and plenty of micro-nutrients. The forecast here in Essex is looking good for the next few weeks, so our fingers are crossed for a warm, dry June


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