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Crouch Valley

Updated: May 29, 2018

Crouch Valley is a region of English wine in Maldon, Essex, that is made up of more than 10 vineyards. The crouch valley region produces 80% of the grapes grown in Essex as well as producing award winning wines and supplying quality grapes to many wineries across the UK. With south facing slopes, low rainfall and coastal breezes, the area is protected from frost and produces some of the best vines and premium wines in England. Wine has been produced in this area for almost 1,000 years, demonstrating the fact that Crouch Valley is a near ideal place for grape growing and wine production. The largest vineyards of the Crouch Valley are as followed:

New Hall

New Hall Vineyards has been producing critically acclaimed still and sparkling wines for almost 50 years, and is one of the oldest and largest family run vineyards in the UK. Vines have been planted on this site since the 12th Century and were even commissioned by King John to be served during the sealing of the Magna Carta.

The Wines have won over 200 awards in the last 40 years, including trophies, international sommelier awards and the prestigious UKWA Winemaker of the Year three times in the past five years.

Our well established and popular Grand Tour and Tastings are available throughout the year, and our Railway Barn and Tasting Shed are available for private hire and corporate parties.

Crouch Ridge

Crouch Ridge is a 10 acre Vineyard established in 2012, planted on gentle south facing slopes overlooking river crouch. The long hours of sunshine and the relatively low rainfall in the area make it an ideal location for growing vines and making top quality wines. The Estate still and sparkling wines are traditionally made exclusively from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, hand picked from our vineyard.


On the south facing slopes in the crouch vale, Clayhill Vineyards commands unrivalled views over the River Crouch Estuary and the tidal Bridgemarsh Island. Planted 11 years ago, the vines have firmly established themselves and even launched Essex's first brandy in 2016, followed by a Tof-Vie Liquer in 2017.

Martin's Lane

On the upper reaches of river crouch valley occupies a site proabably unrivalled in England for all that is essential to the production of the very finest quality grapes. Its sheltered south and west facing slopes benefit from the tides of the River Crouch providing the ideal climatic conditions and vital frost protection during the spring within the warmest corners of England.

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