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Bacchus Brings Home The Medal

The sound of glasses chinking at New Hall could be heard last week, as we celebrated the success of our Single Estate Bacchus 2021 at this year’s London Wine Competition.

If you’re familiar with New Hall, you’ll know that we were the first vineyard to plant Bacchus in the UK. The Greenwood family recognised the varietals’ potential to thrive within our microclimate back in the 1970s after much field research across Germany and the Alsace. Bacchus is now grown extensively throughout the Crouch Valley wine region and is sought after by winemakers throughout the UK for still wine.

Each parcel of Bacchus grown on the Estate has unique properties; for example, Church Hill Bacchus consistently displays tropical characters, whilst Back Meadow Bacchus is valued for delicate floral and jasmine notes. Our winemakers will use tools of their trade, including maceration and yeast selection, to bring out each parcel’s most expressive qualities. Parcels are vinified individually until the all-important Bacchus blend has been crafted.

Food-wise, Bacchus pairs beautifully with equally fresh dishes such as asparagus and parmesan risotto, or a peashoot, mint, and Manchego salad. It’s also a natural companion to seafood due to its vibrant citrus notes. There’s no doubt that a chilled bottle alongside a Coronation picnic, friends and a (hopefully!) sunny afternoon would be a triumph too.

What can you expect from our SE Bacchus 2021?? Beautifully bright and clear in appearance, with expressive notes of gooseberry, melon, and elderflower on the nose. Bacchus’ trademark floral characters follow through on the palate, complimented by fresh zingy lime and ripe golden kiwi. The mouthfeel is round and smooth.

Did you know that we also produce a Limited Edition Bacchus 2018 too – produced by the Traditional Method? We recommend serving this with canapes or an after-dinner cheeseboard.

Vineyard Update

The 2023 growing season has now burst into life! Budburst marks the end of dormancy. This is a fascinating physiological process where warmer springtime temperatures prompt the vine roots to mobilise stored carbohydrates, causing sap to rise and launch the annual growth cycle. This year’s budburst has been fairly even, (always a good sign for the harvest), albeit a fraction later than last year. We are looking forward to warm temperatures in June for flowering and berry set – here’s to a fantastic start to Vintage 2023.

Visit our self-guided vineyard trail and see the start of the growing season in action, enjoy samples in our Cellar Door Shop and take home a bottle for the upcoming Bank Holiday weekends.

June open days - English Wine Week

Thank you to everyone that joined us for our April Open Day- we enjoyed opening up our Winery to you all. To celebrate English Wine Week in June, we’ve planned our Open Day ‘Summer’ Edition! In addition to our usual offering of Cellar Door samples, vineyard trail, and Winery tours, we’ll have our Bubbles Bar with plenty of local drinks available. We’ll supply the drinks- you supply the food. Bring a blanket and a picnic!

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