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2022 Harvest

Vintage 2022 has begun!

Vintage 2022 has commenced here at New Hall Wine Estate! As expected from the exceptional temperatures and conditions this season, harvest has arrived fairly early in comparison to other years. New Hall is generally one of the first commercial vineyards to kick-off the UK grape harvest, thanks to the favourable microclimate within the Crouch Valley wine region.

Our 2022 Winery Team

We’ve enjoyed a successful growing season from the offset; the wonderful summer weather allowed the vines to flower in optimum conditions. This was followed by a very successful berry set, giving the fruit an excellent head-start to the growing season.

Whilst some varietals are ready to pick, many others are still undergoing berry swell and veraison. The team constantly sample and analyse each varietal daily to monitor ripeness levels and ensure that fruit is ‘picked to order’ for our winemakers. Specifically we’re looking for the perfect matrix of Oschele (sugar/alcohol level), titratable acidity, phenolic ripeness and of course, amazing varietal characters!

Grapes going through veraison, August 2022

Around the Estate, the atmosphere is buzzing. Andy and the vineyard team are in full flow on the fields; the logistics of picking 18 different grape varieties over 31 plantations, each at different maturity parameters, involves a constant flow of communication between the vineyard operatives, supervisors and winemakers, whilst working around the changeable September weather conditions.

Siegerrebe Harvest 26th August 2022

In the winery, we have welcomed three additional Cellar Hands, George, Sim and Helen, to assist the permanent team, Rachel, Steve, Tim and Peter, with processing the fruit and wine. The new modernised Winery, completed last year, has been one of the biggest feathers in our cap here at New Hall. All kit and processing equipment including filters, tanks, pumps and press have been upgraded over the past four years, part of the Estate’s evolution as a Wine Estate as opposed to a vineyard focusing on fruit sales.

Our Cellar Hands, George, Sim and Helen

Winery Production Manager, Rachel, is particularly pleased with the new purpose-built laboratory in the Press Room; “Our new lab has become an invaluable space for us to perform a range of analyses on the fruit, juice and wine. The addition of a Megazyme spectrophotometer allows us to gather more data about juice from each parcel, including assessing fruit’s nitrogen levels which is essential for healthy yeasts. The lab not only enables us to make more informed decisions during winemaking, but also gives us information to feedback to the vineyard team so they can maintain optimal vine health through nutrition.

Head Winemaker, Steve Gillham, comments: “We are so looking forward to producing wines within this new modernised space, especially continuing the success of the 2021 vintage wines. The crop is looking clean, with lots of expressive varietal characters and good sugar to acid ratios”.

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