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Berry, Set, Go!

The transition from flowering to fruit-set is now complete here at New Hall. It's hard to imagine that just a few weeks ago the vines' delicate flowers were self-pollinating - whilst now young clusters are appearing and growing robustly by the day. We hope for consistent, warm temperatures over the next few weeks to ensure even berry set.

There are certainly indications of a very bountiful harvest this year. Interestingly, we've had more rainfall to date than the entire summer of 2022, which we're sure the vines will be grateful for when it comes to berry swell and veraison this August. This week we'll begin the process of estimating yields to start painting a picture of what we can expect this harvest. This can be a particularly challenging task especially as some of our heritage vines tend to their dance to their own beat with personalities all of their own.

Our vineyard team's primary focus is now on ensuring the developing bunches and foliage receive as much sunlight and airflow as possible. We do this by utilising the trellis system's foliage wires, lifting them regularly to encapsulate the continually growing shoots. The team certainly get their steps in doing this task, as each side of every row needs to be worked on!

Next month we'll update you on how our winery, vineyard and commercial teams prepare for the September grape harvest!

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