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Deliciously Devilish Margarita Cocktail

Our friends at Bar 92 have created this fabulous cocktail, which includes our Pinot Noir wine as one of the key ingredients.


Ingredients for Devils Margarita;


50ml Tequila (Blanco ideally)

25ml Fresh Lime Juice

12ml Agave Syrup

Rim of Tajin Seasoning


Using either lime juice or Agave Syrup, stick/rim the Tajin onto a small stemmed cocktail glass.

Add a few ice cubes to your now-rimmed glass to chill it.

Add Tequila, lime and Agave Syrup to a cocktail shaker with 5/6 ice cubes and shake hard.

Remove the ice cubes from your rimmed and chilled glass.

Double-strain the mixture into your glass.

Using a spoon, balanced on the top of the cocktail glass, gently pour a little of the New Hall Pinot Noir onto the top of the Tequila, lime and Agave mixture.

And voila a Number 92 Devils Margarita!


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