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Bud-Bursting our way into April

We love the month of April- the energy on the Estate is palpable.


Our vines are actively emerging from winter dormancy and springing into life with budburst. Budburst is exactly what it says on the tin – warm ambient temperatures fuel stored-up energy in the roots to reactivate the vine after its winter slumber, causing new leaves and shoots to push through.


After this point, the landscape on the vineyard will change on a near-daily basis.

Our vineyard team has been gallantly working through the recent wet, windy weather, continuing their programme of replacing older wooden posts with upgraded metal posts. The installation of the upgraded trellis should be complete within the next week or two, ready to support the rapidly growing foliage (and hopefully a very bountiful crop!). After this task, the team will turn their attention to preparing the soil in advance of planting a further 11 acres of red varietals on the Estate.

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