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Barons is back in town...

Drum roll please......We are delighted to launch our new 2019 vintage Barons Red! A combination of a fantastic long, warm growing season together with small-batch production meant that the fruit was always going to be destined for great wine.

The varieties within the Barons Red include mid-ripening black grapes such as Acolon and Rondo. Acolon provides robust summer fruit characters reminiscent of blackcurrant, cassis and violet, while the Rondo adds lovely red berry notes and supple, smooth tannin. Acolon bunches tend to be large and produce deep purple juice, while Rondo has smaller, more compact spherical bunches and red juice.

The key to producing great English Red Wines is picking the fruit at perfect maturity, and then macerating the juice and skins gently for a specific period of time to achieve maximum effect. Small macerating vessels mean that we can monitor and pump over/punch down each batch individually when necessary.

We're currently offering free delivery on orders over £60, please use the promotional code FD20 at checkout, or place an order over the phone on 01621 828343.

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