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An exciting Vintage to look forwards to...

Due to the wonderful harvests from New Hall and our other clients, we have processed more fruit than ever before this year. The winery is currently at full capacity; the new 60,000 litres of tanks purchased last year have all seen a great deal of action this year!

Our Winemakers are thrilled with the wines in tank this year, especially aromatic styles such as Bacchus which is already showing complex, tropical aromas and lingering stone fruit on the palate.

Head Winemaker Rasto has been selecting certain varietals to produce more Limited Edition wines for release in 2020, prompted by the success of our 2016 Bacchus Fume. The warm temperatures this summer have allowed us to produce more red wines from beautiful ripe varietals; these will develop in the tank for an extended period before release.

We have been very impressed with our new Assistant Winemaker, Steve Gillham, who joined the team in August. Asked about his experience during the 2018 harvest, Steve comments: “Having worked in wineries in New Zealand and California, I’m used to seeing both ends of the spectrum with regards to adapting winemaking techniques to suit a range of fruit maturity. Cool-climate regions such as England present challenges because fruit may be high in natural sugars and require no chaptilisation, but the same fruit may hold high acidity and need de-acidifying. We have different parameters for fruit destined to be still and sparkling wine, and as a winemaker it is our job to work closely with the vineyard team to ensure that fruit is picked at ideal maturity.”

Steve and Rasto are particularly enamoured with the Pinot noir, currently a base wine and destined to become our 2018 Sparkling English Rose. Raspberry and red cherry aromas sing out from the tanks, while complex wild strawberry notes deliver on the palate, finishing with a creamy mouthfeel.

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